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Welcome To Our New Website!

After much hard work and strife, we have finally finished updating our website to its new look!

Our old website was made by hand (with just bare-bones HTML and CSS, baby!), which made it impossible to keep updated, and was also a constant source of new bugs. So while it didn't look ugly, per se, it needed an upgrade!

So now that we've moved to Wix, the possibilities are endless! We will have so much more time for other endeavors now that we won't be dealing with the pains of managing the whole website from scratch. As a result, this blog post will be the first of many to follow (so stay tuned)!

We will be using our blog to provide development and event updates, as well as any big happenings with our studio and game releases. All the latest and greatest information about our company will be posted here, so be sure to check back regularly to stay on the cutting edge!

We appreciate your support, and look forward to providing you with lots of great content!

Picture of the members of Zwinzler Games


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