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Meet Luna character and dialogue box

Every day feels like the same to Luna. She gets up, gets a bit of water from the river nearby, and collects some crystals. But she keeps having strange dreams...and she's starting to think she might be destined for something bigger. Something is calling further up the mountain.

What do you do when the river runs dry?


Luna has always lived alone at the bottom of the mountain, with just a small trickle of a river providing her with barely enough water to survive. After a strange dream of a much greater destiny, she ventures out in search of a fabled lagoon at the top of the mountain. Join Luna as she traverses the dangers of the wild, discovers mystical powers, and finds new friends (and enemies) along the way.


When The River Runs Dry is an adventure game where you can defeat dangerous monsters, find supplies to complete your trek, and make friends around the mountain to aid in your quests. Currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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