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How to Make All Your Game Music in a Week!

We're gearing up for an action-packed fall, which means we've been extremely busy with preparing the demo of our game (I'm already so exhausted)! We only have three company members, so between all of the programming, artwork, marketing efforts, and everything else...there's an overwhelming amount of work for us to do! And we were stuck with the question: when do we find time to make the soundtrack for our demo?

During our break last spring I participated in this cool little jam called the OST Composing Jam on It was such a great experience to get to listen to music written by other game composers, and also to get feedback on my own work! So I had been watching out for OST Composing Jam #2 -- and sure enough, it was scheduled for the end of August! This was, coincidentally, right when we would be mid-working on our demo. Hooray!

So we figured: why not just make all our demo music as part of the OST Composing Jam? We could get lots of feedback on the tracks, and it would give us the motivation to get all of the music done during the week of the jam.

So that's what we did!

Thought the jam, Heather and I spent just about every spare moment of our time working on the music. The theme of the jam was a picture of a deer under a nighttime sky, which luckily fit super well with our game (I mean, our main character is a deer - what are the chances???).

And this past week we've been receiving lots of feedback on the soundtrack - what we can improve, what people's favorite tracks are, and so on. And most importantly, we now have music to put into our demo -- all within a week!

Of course, we will be making lots of edits to the music as we continue with development. But for now, check out what you can expect to hear in the demo of our game here:!


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