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Wishlist When The River Runs Dry On Steam!

We've finally hit a huge milestone with our brand new game, When The River Runs Dry! We just launched our Steam storefront a few days ago, and we're super excited that you can now wishlist our game!!!! (wishlist here for PC and Mac!)

We're hard at work on our full demo, which will be released in early December so you can get a first taste of When The River Runs Dry. It will feature the first two animal friends you encounter in the game, an introduction to the story, and several combat abilities to try out.

After the demo, we're going to be preparing to go into early access during the first half of next year! We'll be releasing the game one world at a time, so you'll be able to download and play each level as we complete it.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, make sure to wishlist When The River Runs Dry and follow Zwinzler Games on Twitter for all the latest updates!


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