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From One Convention to the Next!

image of the GDEX banner
Look how cute the GDEX logo is!

We just finished demoing When The River Runs Dry at GDEX - one of our favorite conventions for indie games!

It was our first time taking our new game to an event and letting people play it, which was a bit nerve-wracking. But all in all, it was a fantastic (and exhausting) experience!

If you've never run a booth at an event before, here's how it goes:

1. Work on game development at every moment possible for weeks leading up to the event (and we all have day jobs too!)

2. Drive to your hotel until 2am the night before

3. Wake up at 8am for a Starbucks/Panera run before the event starts

4. Set up all of your various technology and supplies in like 30 minutes (don’t forget candy!)

5. Vibe at your booth for 8+ hours, talking to all the people who come by (this is our favorite part!)

6. Tear down all of your booth in like 30 minutes

7. Go back to your hotel room and fix all of the bugs you found that day while you eat Olive Garden and drink wine (lol)

8. Go to sleep way too late

9. Rinse and repeat!

Zwinzler Games dev team dressed up as deer
Our dev team channeling our inner deer

Suffice to say that we came out of GDEX very tired, but also very energized by watching so many people enjoy our game! We also received a lot of feedback that we'll be using to improve for the next event.

We'll be traveling up to Connecticut at the beginning of November for RetroWorld, so we're gearing up again! We're super excited to show all the updates we've made to our demo (and maybe some new characters ;)) so if you're going to be in the area, feel free to stop by!

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