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We're going on an ADVENTURE!

Starting today (1/20) through next Monday (1/24) we're participating in the Big Adventure Event on Steam!

What's all this "big adventure" hullabaloo about?

The Big Adventure Event is an event dedicated to indie games that feature ~adventure~. This event is hosting 100+ demos this year, including our updated demo of When The River Runs Dry! If you’re a fan of adventure games, this is the event for you!

TheBAE will also be hosting several live events throughout the weekend on its Steam page and Discord, including live dev question and answer sessions and live streams where we'll show off all of our hard work in the form of fun gameplay.

Join us at theBAE!

If you’re interested in hearing us talk about our beautiful game OR watch us play through it, we have a couple notable times for you to keep in mind:

Friday, 1/21: Zwinzler Games Live Dev Q&A at 5pm EST on the Hitcents discord server (

Saturday, 1/22: When The River Runs Dry Live Stream at 2pm EST at the Big Adventure Event Steam page (

But there's more!

We’re also being streamed by a few amazing and talented streamers. Hop on their Twitch streams and check out their playthroughs as well:

disabledandfab is streaming sometime today (1/20) (

Chickadee93 is streaming at 10am EST, Saturday (1/22) on Twitch (

KamiAnya is streaming several Big Adventure Event indie games on Saturday (1/22) on Twitch, including When The River Runs Dry around 1:15pm EST (

Lgndofthestar streaming 9-11pm all this weekend, day of our game is TBD (

Cookie_TPC streaming on Sunday (1/23) at 4pm EST (

I'm in! But where do I go?

Other than the events held on Hitcent's Discord, all events (and indie games) will be hosted on the Big Adventure Event Steam page which you can find here:

Be sure to check out all the fun stuff The Big Adventure Event has to offer before it’s too late (and don't forget to try out our updated demo as well)!


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