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We're LIVE & IN-PERSON (w/ masks)!

That's right! We've been drinking our body weight in coffee working on the demo for our upcoming game, and it's finally here! We have a brand new demo that we'll be taking to two different events this fall.

It's been quite the journey working this new game. It's been YEARS since we have completely started developing a new game concept completely from scratch, and we're really excited to finally show you all what we've been working on!

Events are one of my (Katie's) favorite part of being in an indie studio, because I love watching people play something that I have put so much TLC into with my friends! It's also fun to see what works, what doesn't, and really put our game ideas to the test. The people stopping by our booth are super friendly, but they also don't hold back!

It's always so much fun to hear all the feedback on our game, talk to people, and watch everyone playing something that's only been on our computers for months and months!

If you're as excited as us to see our new game "out in the wild," we definitely encourage you to come see us in person if you can! I'll drop the links for buying tickets below. We hope you'll come out, support us, and support all the other indie studios that will be at these events!

You'll be in the first round of actual humans (besides the three of us) that will be playing this game, so you'll really be making history ;)

We hope to see you there!

xoxo Katie





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