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Zwinzler Games Speaks at Boston FIG!

A couple weeks ago, one of our company members gave not one, but two, talks at Boston FIG Talks! Katie put her public speaking skills to the test by presenting on two very different topics.

How to Start a Business With Your Friends Title Slide

The first talk, How to Start a Business With Your Friends (Without Killing Each Other), was given to an audience of around 50 people. Katie shared our experiences from working together as a team of college friends. We have learned a lot about how to constructively work together (and occasionally just put up with each other).

Heart-First Game Design Title Slide

Katie's second talk was titled Heart-First Game Design: How To Build Games About Real-World Issues. Our company's main mission is to make games about real-world topics we care about, so Katie shared our brainstorming and design processes. We hope the members of the audience will now feel like they have a starting point to make games about the issues they care about too!

We've uploaded the presentation slides here if you're interested in downloading them, and the talk recordings should be uploaded soon if you want to hear Katie's wise words for yourself!

Heart-First Game Design
Download PDF • 6.89MB
How To Start A Business With Your Friends (Without Killing Each Other)
Download PDF • 1.86MB


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